Why Should You Choose Industry-Specific Promotional Products?

You should choose a promotional product that will create a lasting impression and awareness of the customer’s mind for your brand. You should select a product which is useful over and over again. It will act as your business card and will result in sales month after month. It is easier for customers to relate to your brand when a promotional product is related to your industry. For example, if you are working in the healthcare industry and have a dental clinic, then tooth-shaped keychain and dental floss are relevant products.

Below are an example of a few industries and its popular promotional product under a buck –

Sports Industry

If you are working in a sports company, then giving sports-related giveaways will remind your customer about your business. The best place to distribute sports promotional products is at a game. Stress reliever balls, ball key chains, and ball-shaped lip balm are popular sports promotional products under a dollar.

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Health and Beauty

Health and beauty promotional giveaways show that you care about your customers. Promotional manicure sets help customers to keep their nails in tip-top shape. These products are often handy when customers go outdoors. Examples of these products are sunscreen lotion, body lotion, hand sanitizer, beauty care tools like nail clipper, foot files, etc. The best place to distribute these giveaways is healthcare events, marathons, fashion shows, etc.

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House service industry

The housing service industry uses promotional giveaways for repeat service orders.

  • Plumber service companies can giveaway wrench pen or flashlight screwdriver keychain.
  • A pool service company can select a product like a droplet keychain, sunglass, or beach ball.
  • A locksmith service company can choose a key-shape bottle opener keychain.
  • A cleaning and maid service can provide cleaning related promotional products.

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Hospitality & Travel

In the travel industry, you may be a travel agent, hotel chain, or restaurant owner. You can give away some promotional products which will remind your customer about travel and holiday fun, such as a beach ball, sunshine, seashell, etc. There are high chances that they will again use your services.

Construction Industry

Construction Company can choose from a wide range of products like measuring tape, hammer pen, wrench pen, construction cone keychain, hard hat keychain, mini screwdriver kit, retractable cutter, etc. These are more or fewer symbols of construction.

Banking and Insurance

Bank and insurance are related to money, so money related promotional products are best suited. Insurance agents and bank executives can handover these products to prospective customers at the first meeting. You can give these promotional products to existing customers, which will increase their loyalty and will remind them that their money is in safe hands.

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Above are some industry-specific promotional product ideas. Your brand will surely stand out in trade shows with these promotional giveaways. Have a look at trade-show-advisor, if you need any guidance for trade shows. For generic product ideas that can fit for all industries, you can look at ibcdata.com . There are many other promotional giveaways like these. You can find great giveaway ideas here underabuck.com.

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