Chrome Extensions for Better SEO


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers that was launched by Google Inc. around 2008. The idea of a uniform web browser with a plethora of features was not at all new. There were already strong competitors at its onset of launch. With the likes of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, it had some tough beginnings. But, being part of one of the most elite groups of tech firms, it did not take long before being the world’s leading browser. Further, the company also used it as a tool to launch many of its flagship products under its name and operating software. Google Chrome is not limited to browsing now. It offers multiple tools and extensions to help websites grow as well. This is especially helpful in ensuring good search engine optimization.

The importance of good search engine optimization is well known. Companies and websites pay a hefty amount of money to ensure that they can get the content right for gaining more target audiences. With the right amount of target audience and a better conversion rate, any website can aim at a good profit. Whether it is for a sale of products or service. Websites looking to ensure better social media reach can also benefit from this. Let us now look at some of the chrome extensions that can help in having better SEO results.

Chrome Extensions for Better SEO:

Wordtune is one of the best extensions for Google Chrome users. With advanced artificial intelligence tools and features, it helps you get the best content for your website. It provides foolproof content but can be a great tool to keep things in check for quality. With both free and paid versions available, you can not only get the grammar right but also try to make each sentence well suited for better SEO. Similarly, you can use Grammarly as well if that suits you better.

If you want to ensure smoother conduct of your social media posts, Buffer extension is the right choice. It has nearly four plans, out of which you can pick the one that suits your business needs. If you are a startup, the free plan or pro plan would be the best. It is a great tool to curate your content as well.

Ahrefs toolbar is best for once you are gearing up to implement the SEO enhancing measures. For instance, when you want to finally get on with the content marketing or SEO plan for your website or business online. It helps in guiding you through each of the elements in your content that can affect the SEO performance of your website.

Keywords everywhere is a cheap option for maintaining the flow of the right keywords in your content. With more than hundreds and thousands of keywords available under $10, this platform can help you maintain a record as well. In the record, you can view all the information and potential trends of a keyword. You can pick one that suits your needs.

Cloud app is an excellent platform that offers both free and pro versions at a cheap price. It helps in curation the information-related content for your website by providing good screen recording features.

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